Kai SEKI MAGOROKU Wakatake Bread Knife 210mm SEKI MAGOROKU Wakatake Bread Knife 210mm

■ Seki Magoroku Wakatake series! ■ rust less likely is a supple cut stainless steel cutlery ■ using the "high carbon stainless steel cutlery"! ■ achieve sustained sharp sharpness by applying the original new blade with technology! ■ The special liked processing, finishing further reduce the thickness of the cutting edge, improve the sharpness! ■ can avoid the sucker effect of the ingredients of moisture (brake effect), also corresponds to the light turns off and sputtering with a force ■ heat resistance and durability to excellent dishwasher with resin handle Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: ■Main Unit :Stainless steel cutlery handle :polypropylene