Kayuragi Incense Stick Green Tea 40 Pcs

Kayuragi Green Tea incense sticks are a Japanese incense product made by renowned manufacturers, Nippon Kodo. 

The Green Tea incense successfully captures the distinctive fragrance notes of the popular beverage in an incense stick. When you burn one of these sticks, you’ll be greeted with the smooth, clean and refreshing scent of green tea. 

The 40 incense sticks come beautifully presented in a green stripe paulownia wood box. The box design is inspired by traditional Japanese kimono fabric and provides a vibrant splash of colour. The Kayuragi incense sticks all come with a mini ceramic incense holder, so you can get your sticks burning immediately. 

Kayuragi is an apt brand name as Ka means ‘fragrance’ and yuragi means ‘slowly wafting scented smoke.’

Number of Sticks in Box: 40

Burn Time Per Stick: Approximately 25 Minutes

Length of Sticks: Approximately 140mm Long

Dimensions of Box: 3.1cm Width x 15.8cm Length x 2.6cm Depth

Country of Origin: Japan