Kikugata Chopstick Cutlery Rest

White Porcelain
Mimoza Yellow
Majora Orange
Milky Green
Candy Brown
Yuzu Black
A convenient cutlery rest with chopsticks and a spoon. [Point: Your hands are clean and the table is not dirty] There is no need to prepare a paper napkin separately from the chopstick rest, which keeps your hands clean. You don't have to worry about putting a spoon on a plate and hooking it by hand or getting the table dirty. [Point: Also for chopstick rest and soy sauce holder] When you don't use a spoon, you can use it as a small plate, so you can put chopsticks rest, snacks, and soy sauce. [Point: A special shape that makes it easy to place a spoon] The small plate part has a gentle shape on only one side so that the spoon can be easily placed. [Point: 8 colors to choose from] Eight colors are available to make the table colorful. [ Size ] 8.2cm x 7.2cm x Height 1.5 cm ( * all Outer Size ) [ Weight ] 75g ( * Size Weight Product per difference There is a ) [ Texture ] White ・candy →Slippery Slippery Yuzu Black →Zara Zara Etc →Mat * made in Japan ( Mino Ware ) * Microwave Oven Plates & Utensil washing machine : Yes