Kobayashi Blulet Stampy Antibacteria Relax Aroma 77g

  • The gel contains cleaning, antibacterial, disinfecting properties
  • Deodorises the toilet after flushing
  • As the toilet is flushed the water spreads the gel keeping  it fresh
  • Approx 1 box = 1 months worth of gel
  • Made in Japan


  • Best to use after toilet is cleaned. Take the cap off, press the tip against a flat surface of your toilet. 
  • Firmly squeeze out the gel and release. It should look like a flower with raised petals.  


  • Use immediately after opening
  • Not to be used in septic tanks
  • Do not mix cleaning chemicals when in use
  • Not to be used with hot/ boiling water
  • Should this get on your skin, rinse thoroughly with water, especially if it gets in your eyes