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    Kobayashi Netsusama Body Fever Cooling Sheets 14P

    Fever cooling sheet that can be stuck on your body to help relieve fevers. see more

    Fever cooling sheet that can be stuck on your body to help relieve fevers.

    • Slim sheet that can easily applied to narrow areas such as the armpit, neck, and base of the foot.
    • Firmly stays in place when you move, and it sticks to your body.
    • A skin-friendly gel that does not use any fragrances or coloring agents.
    • A soft sheet that is gentle on the skin.
    • It is effective to cool the underarms, neck, and legs!
    • Cooling effect lasts for up to 8 hours
    • Even if the sheet is warm, if it is damp, the cooling effect will continue.

    How to use:

    • Peel off the transparent film and stick it on the part you want to cool. *After opening the individual bag, fold the cut end twice along the dotted line and store it in this box so that the unused portion does not come into contact with the outside air.
    • The cooling effect lasts for about 8 hours. (The cooling time may be shortened depending on the heat generation temperature. Please replace it when you no longer feel the effect.)
    • If you store it in a refrigerator, etc., and use it after cooling it, you can get an even better cooling effect.

    Precautions for use:

    • Do not apply around the eyes, on mucous membranes, or on areas with skin abnormalities such as eczema or wounds.
    • Immediately stop using if your skin begins to itch, hurt, swell or a rash appears.

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