Kokubo Mask Hanger (3pcs)

Mask-only hanger "My mask hanger 3-piece set"

◆ You can dry the mask
It is a hanger devised so that the mask can be dried properly and easily. Simply fold the three-dimensional mask in half, hang it on the bar, and clip it with a slip-off prevention clip. The bar has a gently curved shape to prevent the mask from getting out of shape. In addition, you can hang both mask straps on the two ear strap hooks to dry, or you can hang two masks in various ways.

◆ Can store masks
The hook part that hangs on the rod is the same plain type as a general hanger. When the mask dries, it can be stored as it is. Even if you attach a hook to the wall and use it as a mask storage area, you can hang it with a hanger so that the ear straps do not stretch and you can quickly remove the mask when you need it.

◆ You can tell who you are by writing your name
We have prepared a space to write your name on the arm of the hanger. When storing multiple masks in a family, if you write your name on the hanger and hang it so that you can see who the mask is, you will not be confused as to "who is this?" Even if there are similar masks. .. It is a 3-piece set of "My mask hanger" that prevents sharing by writing the name and identifying it as "my" mask hanger, and also considers hygiene.