Kokubo Onigiri Days Stick

You can enjoy making rice balls that are easy to eat just by stuffing them with rice and shaking them.


◎ It is a molding machine that can easily and neatly make the "rice balls" that everyone loves.

◎ The "Onigiri DAYS" stick is easy to eat just by adding rice and shaking it.

◎ You can enjoy variations by using mixed rice and various ingredients instead of white rice.

◎ The uneven processing makes it difficult for the rice to stick to it, and you can take it out cleanly just by pushing it.

◎ For lunch boxes, celebrations, "cooking to show" for SNS, sports festivals, excursions, and snacks.



Material: Polypropylene

* BPA-free (does not contain bisphenol A)

Cold and heat resistant temperature: -20 to 120 degrees

Made in Japan MADE IN JAPAN