Kokubo Water Absorption Sheet 3pcs

A bird pattern of "condensation water absorption sheet" that absorbs water droplets of condensation just by sticking it on the inside of the window. Condensation occurs when it gets colder and the temperature difference between the outside and the inside becomes large. On winter mornings, water droplets may stick to the entire window glass. Condensation causes mold, so you need to leave it alone and absorb it properly. The "condensation water absorption sheet" can be attached to the bottom of the window to absorb the water droplets that flow down. You can easily attach it by peeling off the release paper on the back side and pulling out the notch in the bird pattern by hand. You can take measures against dew condensation while happily decorating the windowsill as if the birds were sucking up the water droplets on the windows. 335X60X5mm