Kokuyo 2 Hole Puncher

● The new design increases the lever ratio, enabling drilling with less force than before. (Reduced by 40% compared to our conventional products) ● Newly designed “paper size guide” (patent pending) that can be used simply by pulling it out, enables quick center alignment. In addition, when stored, it can be stored in the main unit, so it does not get in the way. ● The large and easy-to-read “Center Guide” makes it easy to align the paper. ● Easy to see from the side, the "Attachment Guide" makes it easy to check that the paper has entered all the way. ● The handle shape is easy to apply force because it is easy to hold even if you place it on a desk or grasp it. ● With a stopper that can be stored with the handle lowered. ● The duster cover is easy to put your finger on the cap and easy to open. ● With handle lock that can be stored with the handle lowered. W75x H150 x D44mm