Kokuyo B5 Campus Loose Leaf Lined (100 sheets)

● "Dots" lined up at regular intervals on the ruled line and "Dotted lines" in the line. By making good use of these two, the text will be easy to read and beautiful. ● Features of / 1. By aligning the characters with dotted lines, there will be white space and the text will be easy to read. 2. You can write small characters using the margin. 3. If you write the feed or furigana in the margin, you can make a well-balanced and easy-to-read entry. 4. The beginning of the sentence is arranged neatly. 5. It becomes a mark of the top of the figure and the border of the table. 6. Even with a short ruler, the line can be drawn straight to the end. 7. Documents can be neatly pasted with dots as marks. 8. The text can be neatly arranged even with vertical writing. W25 7x H182 x D10mm