Kyoto Katsugu Copper Sponge

Royal road and tools in the middle. The shape of our sponge is the same material that is easy to remove dirt on both the back and front. You can use it quickly without worrying about the front and back. In addition, because it is thin, it can be used in a form that is easy to bend or wash yourself. Since the net covering the sponge part is knitted in a loop shape with a film to which metal particles are specifically attached, it is hard to tear and has a strong scraping power. I think that you may have such a feeling that you are washing your body. Do not use bleach, cleansers, etc. in combination. If the surface becomes a transparent film, the metal particles will disappear and the cleaning effect will drop, so replace it with a new one. Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Polyester Nylon yarn Oure タンForm Copper