Kyoto Katsugu Kyoto Egg Pan

Royal road and tools in the middle. Iron pans are "frypans that grow with you." A long time ago, iron frying pan was one of the common cooking utensils in your home kitchen. It may be a little time-consuming, but it won't betray you. There is no need for troublesome "baking and oiling". The more oil you use, the more you use it, It is a hard-to-stick, easy-to-use frying pan that can be used for a long time. The iron frying pan of Kyoto active ingredient, while securing the heat capacity and strength necessary for cooking, By cutting the side part as much as possible, it is lightweight. It is very light and easy to use compared to one that has not been spun. The handle used "Kaki wood" which is also used for wooden swords, bats and drums. Its features are very hard and it is also resistant to moisture. "Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Main Unit :Iron (Standard Steel Plate )Surface :Hard temper Processing Handle :Wooden (Natural Wood )