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  • KYOWA Men's Facial Sheet Normal - 20 Wipes

    Designed and formulated for men, contains 20 wipes See more

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    Designed and formulated for men, contains 20 wipes

    • Each wipe is 15 cm x 20 cm that is made with natural cotton and is a refreshing cool menthol facial wipe
    • It can be used on the face & neck to wipe away dirt and grime, control stickiness
    • It has a dry powder finish so you will feel fresh
    • This product has menthol sensation
      Made in Japan


    Take a wipe and use it on your face & neck
    Avoid using this product on or near the eye area
    Those that have abrasions, sensitive skin or sensitive to alcohol avoid this product
    To prevent the product from drying out, please close the seal tightly after use 
    Discontinue use if you have cuts, eczema or any skin irritations occur
    Do not rub into eyes
    Do not use if you are sensitive to menthol