Mandom Bifesta Water Cleansing Sheet Oil In

Sheets generously moistened with beauty enhancing oil for completely removing makeup, even waterproof mascara! The double effects of cleansing oil that blends well with makeup and cleansing ingredients usually found in skin lotion quickly separate makeup including waterproof mascara and thick foundation. Gently floats and envelopes makeup, and thoroughly removes it, while keeping skin moisture intact. Containing squalene as beauty enhancing oil, the sheet moisturizes skin that has become rough from dryness and dirt, restoring moisture, softness, and beauty. A single sheet of Bifesta Cleansing Sheet for everything from makeup removal to skin care! A single sheet for everything from makeup removal to skin care! No need for rinsing. Can be used for skin care in the morning. Thorough makeup removal with just one sheet! Large enough for full-face coverage. Containing generous cleansing water per sheet. Soft and gentle on skin. Friction-reducing formula for skin. Fold one sheet several times, place it on the eyelid for about ten seconds while taking care not to let the liquid enter the eye, and wipe off gently. To remove eyeliner and mascara, gently press an edge of the folded sheet to blend and dissolve the makeup, instead of rubbing.