Mannen Yakiami Ceramic Grill Net

■ Japanese griddle, perfect for grilling bread, fish and vegetables. 
■ The net has a ceramic-filled type that diffuses and radiates the heat, similar to cooking over charcoal.
■ The upper net can be detached, making it easier to clean.

■ Can be washed in water.
■ Grill Size: 250 x 215 mm
■ Only compatible with gas stoves, not recommended for use with cassette stoves.

Care instructions:

  • Do not wash before use, Before the very first use, please heat up the grill with NO food on it.
  • Oil the grill before placing food to help food not to stick to the grill
  • Do note use stainless steel scrubbers or polish powder when cleaning
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • This product is made out of carbon steel. Please be sure to wash and dry before storing.
  • Do NOT put any water right after using it. It might crack if it is cooled down rapidly.
  • When washing it, please use a soft sponge.
  • Please note that ceramic itself may peel overtime, and will decolourise with use.