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  • Marna Cocuri Everywhere Mug 200ml

    Experience your favourite beverages like never before with the Marna Everywhere Mug, boasting ... See more

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    Experience your favourite beverages like never before with the Marna Everywhere Mug, boasting a generous 200mL capacity. Designed for comfort and functionality, this mug sets the standard for on-the-go drinking.


    • Tapered Lip Design: Allows for a smoother sip, enhancing your drinking experience.
    • Powder-Coated Exterior: Gives the mug a ceramic-like texture for added grip and aesthetic appeal.
    • Ceramic-Coated Interior: Reduces metallic taste and odour, preserving the original flavour of your drink.
    • Vacuum-Insulated Double Wall: Provides excellent heat and cold retention, keeping your drink at the perfect temperature longer.
    • Wide-Mouth Design: Designed for natural drinking, releasing the full aroma of your beverage.
    • Rubber Base Cushion: Absorbs impact when placing the mug down, reducing noise and preventing damage.
    • Simple Structure: Consists of only three parts, making cleaning effortless.
    • One-Twist Open/Close: Convenient and efficient, ideal for one-handed operation.
    • Leak-Reducing Lid: Minimises spillage, keeping your refreshment contained.


    • Dimensions: Approx. Diameter 71 x Height 11.3 cm
    • Weight: Approx. 209g
    • Capacity: 200mL
    • Material:
      • Interior: Stainless steel with ceramic coating
      • Exterior: Stainless steel with ceramic and powder coating
      • Lid Exterior: Stainless steel with powder coating
      • Lid Interior: Polypropylene
      • Seal/Bottom Cushion: Silicone rubber


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