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  • Marna OSAKANA Fish Toothbrush Holder

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    A smart toothbrush holder that can be neatly stored on the wall. It features a 2-way design, a... See more

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    A smart toothbrush holder that can be neatly stored on the wall. It features a 2-way design, allowing both wall-mounted and stand-alone placement. You can also hang items like facial cleansing nets or cords on it.


    • Dual Functionality: This toothbrush holder can be used as both a wall-mounted storage and a stand-alone holder, offering versatility and convenience.
    • Additional Hanging Space: Besides holding toothbrushes, you can also hang facial cleansing nets, cords, and other small items on it.
    • High-Quality Material: Made from durable vinyl chloride resin, ensuring long-lasting use.
    • Compact Size: The holder has approximate dimensions of 43x30x22mm, making it space-saving and perfect for small bathrooms.
    • Easy Installation: The holder can be attached to glossy and flat surfaces like mirrors, large tiles, transparent glass, and metal-painted areas using the suction cup.
    • Note of Caution: When using it as a stand-alone holder, be mindful of the surface's balance and the number of toothbrushes it can hold.


    • Material: Vinyl Chloride Resin
    • Size: Approx. 43x30x22mm
    • Specifications Subject to Change: The appearance and specifications might be improved without prior notice.
    • Attention: Please note that the holder may tip over when used as a stand, depending on the mounting surface and toothbrush balance. Use it to hold items with a width equivalent to that of one toothbrush.

    Mountable on:

    • Mirrors
    • Glossy tiles larger than the suction cup
    • Transparent glass
    • Metal-painted surfaces

    Not mountable on:

    • Wooden walls
    • Plaster walls
    • Mortar surfaces
    • Uneven or rough surfaces where air can get trapped between the holder and the suction cup, affecting suction power.