Marna Kiwami Rice Measuring Cup Ultimate

【US national ・ Rice Meister collaboration plan】 It is a simple measuring cup developed with rice rice pro. I sticked to the thin hands of long handles and border and got very easy to scoop up. Because border is thin and straight, it is easy to scoop rice with bottomed rice. Scales are large figures and steps with easy to see. Because the connection between the handle and the cup is smooth, it is easy to cut off. Do not hold down the rice or scrape the weighing cup to the table, please use it with wearing rice etc. The handle is long and scooping easily, and it also enters a 2 kg bag. ※ Dishwasher-dryer OK. ※ Heat resistant temperature: 120 ℃ ※ It is a product that passed the Japanese Food Sanitation Law standard.