Marna - Toilet Brush White

Simple and stylish toilet brush pot Toilet accessories are also part of the interior. Smart and stylish form of width 72 millimeters penetration in space, to erase the presence. Curve fit flocking is to fit the curve of the toilet bowl, whip and cleaning. Penetrate to the back side of the back and the toilet of the drain outlet, drop the hidden dirt. In two different types of flocking of hardness, you can clean comfortably. In the case bottom in the design of the brush does not touch, drainage well hygienic. The inner case is disengaged by pressing the button on the side, wash alone. It is also pleased to present the unusual of housewarming. [Good Design Award] marna-grouping10 About 3 68x 168x 72mm PAT.P Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: The outer case /ABS resin  The inner case ・Pattern ・Brush /polypropylene Package: Polypropylene Case enter