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    MARNA Toilet Brush White 2 Pcs

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    "It comes to beautiful until the end" It is a toilet brush. 
    Measure with actually putting hands on more than 50 toilets. 
    I designed a brush that fits tightly on the back of the base with the shape derived from it as the base. 
    ● More toilet brushes reach the back of the border! 
    - Mini brush on the fine parts of the nozzle etc! 
    Use two brushes separately and clean every corner!
    Country of manufacture: Japan
    Material / component: material Main Unit : ABS resin 
    Pattern ・Bottom ・Brush : polypropylene 
    Mini Brush line : Stainless
    Package: Individual Packaging

    We use Australia Post for most of our deliveries.

    Expected delivery times after dispatch from Melbourne.
    Standard Delivery:
    4-8 business days depending on destination.
    Express: 1-4 business days depending on destination.

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