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Marna 3-in-1 Water Flask Cleaning Brush

This 3-in-1 Water Flask Cleaning Brush from Marna is  designed to make cleaning your water bottle easy and efficient.

This brush features three functions that clean every corner of your water bottle including the lid and drinking mouth.

  • The 'sumi' brush is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach, uneven shapes
  • The sealing removal tool makes it easy to remove difficult-to-remove seals to be washed
  • The brush gets into narrow grooves and scrapes dirt.


  • 25x 134 x 16mm
  • Heat resistant up to 80 degrees Celsius


  • Polypropylene, saturated polyester resin, nylon line, and stainless steel


  • Keep away from heat sources and high temperatures.
  • Use only for its intended purpose.
  • Using abrasive brushes may cause scratches.
  • Thoroughly rinse, drain, and dry after use.