Matratt 2 Tier Bento Box 990ml

matratt is the Swedish word for "dish". A fashionable and cute two-stage lunch box with a natural bamboo lid. A colorful mosley that decorates the Scandinavian kitchen Enjoy a warm lunch outside or at home. When you finish eating, the lower tier fits inside the upper tier, so it can be stored compactly! Ideal for men's lunches with a capacity of 990 ml and a large capacity that you want to eat! The main body is a nice specification that the dishwasher is OK and the microwave is OK! Bamboo has long been said to have antibacterial and antioxidant effects, and bamboo skin is used to wrap food. It has long been known that it has a deep connection with foods along with bamboo grass, such as being used. * Antibacterial coating on the inner surface can suppress the growth of bacteria! Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Main Unit : PET .ABS Lid : Bamboo Seal lid : PE Main Unit : made in Japan Lid : made in China Urethane Coating Yamanaka Coating antibacterial Specification 8.4x 18x 11cm bottom row 400 ml upper stage 590ml Lunch Band Attached Main body: Dishwasher ・Microwave Oven Safe