Midori 3-Size Message Pad Botanical

This is a unique 3-size assorted message pad by Midori. What is unique about this is that it comes with 3-size assorted sheets for you to choose the right size for different purpose. For example, for short thank you note you can choose the smallest paper whereas for a longer message you can use a bigger size. The pad comes with 30 sheets, 10 sheets per size. High quality a little thicker paper is used. * Small: 6cm x 8.4cm (2.3" x 3.3") * Medium: 11.5cm x 8.4cm (4.5" x 3.3") * Large: 17.7cm x 8.4cm (6.9" x 3.3") * Quantity: 10 sheets per size * 30 sheets in total * Made in Japan