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  • This grain memo pad features a combination of recycled Spanish leather and high-quality Japane... See more

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    This grain memo pad features a combination of recycled Spanish leather and high-quality Japanese writing paper made by MD paper products. The paper itself features plain pages as well as pages with ruled lines.

    Cover made from recycled leather
    The cover of the notepad is made from wear-resistant recycled leather to ensure that it doesn’t damage easily through regular use. The cow leather used here has a rich color and is warm to the touch.

    Ruled line (white) and plain (cream) writing paper
    This original paper made by MD PAPER PRODUCTS is designed to prevent ink from running or bleeding, as well as be comfortable to write on.
    The ruled line paper is the same format as the long-selling diamond memo notepaper, which has been available for more than 50 years. Each page is divided into 4 with thick lines, making this notepaper perfect for daily schedules, to-do lists, or records of personal hobbies.
    The plain paper is ideal for illustrations or idea sketches.

    Easy to see boundaries
    The memo paper has been designed to make it easy to tell which portion is plain and which portion is ruled by varying not only the color of the paper, but also by ensuring that the ruled lines are printed to the very edge of the paper.

    Designed for ease of use
    The writing pad built into the last page of the notepad ensures that the band and fasteners don’t interfere with your writing, for a comfortable experience. The included rubber band ensures the notepad doesn’t come open in your bag.


    • Size: H140 x W76 x D12mm
    • Inner paper: White 5mm Ruled Lines 50 pages + Cream Blank 50 pages [MD PAPER]
    • Cover: Recycled leather made in Spain with rubber band (*The rubber band is attached to the back cover.)