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    Midori MD Bottled Ink 15th Anniversary Limited Edition

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    Colored inks that make writing a joy

    These bottles of ink are designed to fill you with joy when you sit down to write,
    and express the different vibes of the ideas your pen will put on the paper.

    In addition to being designed for our Dip Pen, these inks are made in a range of colors to suit the color scheme of MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ so that they perfectly complement your MD Notebook

    There are nine colors in total, from a gray and blue that match the lines in the MD Notebook to the orange used as an accent in the MD Diary and six limited-edition 15th anniversary colors that complement the bookmark strings of the notebooks.

    Writing just became even more of a pleasure.

    Size H55×W57×D36mm
    Package Size H57×W58×D38mm
    Weight approx.130g
    Specifications 30ml / MADE IN AUSTRIA