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  • Midori MD Diary Sticker Medium 2024

    Discover a harmonious blend of practical planning and expressive reflection with the Midori MD... See more


    Discover a harmonious blend of practical planning and expressive reflection with the Midori MD Diary Sticker <M>. Elevate your notebook experience by uniting your schedule and musings within the pages of your MD Notebook, all in a format that mirrors your unique style.


    • Effortless Organization: Enhance your notebook with the MD Diary Sticker <m>, a versatile tool designed to help you organize plans, events, and daily thoughts. It offers a tangible way to integrate your schedule and reflections seamlessly.
    • Beyond Digital Apps: While digital calendar apps are adept at displaying tasks and events, they fall short in capturing the depth of your thoughts and ideas. The MD Diary Sticker bridges this gap by allowing you to physically document your insights alongside your plans.
    • Enhancing Cognitive Processing: Writing down your thoughts aids in processing information and promoting better retention. The physical act of moving your hand across the page connects you to your notes, enhancing comprehension and memory.
    • Leveraging MD Notebook Appeal: Designed to resonate with the allure of MD Notebook, this calendar maximizes the experiential satisfaction of using physical stationery.
    • Bonus Sticker Variety: The MD Diary Sticker introduces a new bonus sticker type, expanding your customization options and organizational capabilities.
    • Cohesive Integration: Crafted from MD PAPER, the MD Diary Sticker maintains the continuity of your MD Notebook experience when affixed to its pages.
    • Portable Convenience: Attach the MD Diary Sticker to the slim MD Notebook Light for a portable and lightweight diary solution.
    • Personalized Freedom: There are no rigid guidelines; tailor the MD Diary Sticker to mirror your personal style and preferences.


    • Sticker Dimensions: H172×W118mm
    • Content: 16 sheets in total
      • 14 month-long calendars (from Dec. 2023 to Jan. 2025)
      • 2 year-long calendars (2024, 2025)
      • 16 blank sheets for ultimate flexibility
      • Monthly schedule: 14 sheets
      • Annual calendar: 2 sheets

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