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    Midori MD Diary Sticker Small 2024

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    • Notebook Organization: Elevate your planning, events, and daily reflections by attaching these MD Diary Stickers to your notebook. Unlike digital apps, these stickers provide a tangible way to capture your thoughts and ideas alongside your plans.
    • Handwriting Benefits: Writing by hand fosters deeper processing, and the unique motion of pen on paper enhances your connection with your notes. The MD Diary Sticker harnesses the tactile appeal of MD Notebook to offer a unique and engaging calendar experience.
    • Seamless Integration: Crafted from MD PAPER, the MD Diary Sticker seamlessly integrates with your MD Notebook, maintaining the cohesive feel of a single notebook while adding versatile calendar functionality.
    • New Bonus Sticker Type: Experience the addition of a new bonus sticker type that complements your notebook customization options.
    • Tailored Flexibility: Attach MD Diary Sticker to the slim MD Notebook Light for a portable and convenient diary. There are no predefined rules - you have the freedom to customize the sticker to match your personal style and preferences.


    • Sticker Size: H138×W95mm
    • Content: 16 sheets in total
      • 14 month-long calendars (from Dec. 2023 to Jan. 2025)
      • 2 year-long calendars (2024, 2025)
      • 16 blank sheets for flexibility
      • Monthly schedule: 14 sheets
      • Annual calendar: 2 sheets

    Experience the synergy of traditional handwriting and modern planning with the Midori MD Diary Sticker <S>. Elevate your notebook experience by seamlessly integrating calendar and reflection space in a format that complements your unique style.

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