Mogu Mogu Mug Cup

It is a mug of the [MOGU MOGU] series that makes your home rice fun. The capacity is 300 ml, and the light design makes it very easy to use. Why don't you have a fun tea time while being healed by cutely designed animals? This product has phenomena such as glaze kiln change, unevenness, iron powder, unevenness, and accumulation. The expression like rust is intentionally added as a product design, and it becomes the "taste of pottery" that nature creates at the time of firing. It is not a defective product, B product, or outlet product. Even if you use the same soil, technique, and glaze, the finish will always change slightly. Size :About 12 (DIA. 9)x 7.5cm / When filled with water capacity :300ml / weight :200g sake Liquorware Japanese sake