More Life Magewappa Sakura Bento Box

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It is a bent lunch box of old bent wappers once.
When you put in rice, the trees absorb extra moisture, The wisdom of an old man who lives without sacrificing flavor is living. It is a gem that you can use with confidence and safety sticking to handmade handmade. Please enjoy rice with bending wrap boxes with lovely wood grain and loohas by all means! Wash thoroughly and let it dry thoroughly (* 'ω' *) so as not to damage this function
Rubber band, with divider plate Since the bending wax lunch boxes absorb moisture from rice well, you can eat delicious rice which has been chilled over time. The bending wood lunch box is made of wood. This will adjust the moisture in the lunch box, so it is difficult for the rice to be damaged in the summer and the rice is hard to cake in the winter, so it is a highly functional lunch box all year round.
☆ About cleaning ☆ Since the dirt is likely to remain in the corner of the box, Please remove the dirt with a soft soft sponge or cloth on the market. Also, you can use household dishwashing detergent (without bleach abrasive) We recommend that you wash with lukewarm water. Finally rinse with warm hot water, wipe moisture with a cloth width etc, Please air dry in a well-ventilated place that does not hit the sun.
☆ If you are concerned about the smell of lacquer (paint) at the beginning of use ☆ Please warm up rice gruel of rice and mix a small amount of edible vinegar and wipe it. Please put it in a well-ventilated place that does not hit the sun. Admission ・ entrance ・ new term ・ cherry blossoms
17.5 x 13x 6cm  ( Width x Depth x Height )
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