Nagatanien Kamado-san 1.5L Size 3

Nagatani-en is the premier producer of Iga-yaki pottery since 1832. Each Nagatani-en Donabe clay pot is handcrafted over 2 weeks. The Kamado-san double lid Donabe that can be used not just for cooking rice, but also stews, braises and hot-pots.

To make rice in the Kamado-san, cook on medium high heat in about 13 minutes and let it sit for 20 minutes. 

"Kamado-san" The secret of deliciousness

(1) Clay Pot Thickness
The density of the Kamado-san helps retain heat and helps food cook evenly.

(2) Double lid
The double lid that prevents spills also functions as a pressure cooker.

(3) Glazed
Uses a glaze with a high far-infrared effect. The heat passes to the core of the rice, and helps the rice come out soft and fluffy.

(4) Iga soil
It is made soil unique to the Iga Region in Japan