Nippon Kodo Hana no Hana Incense Stick 3 Types 12pcs

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In 1911 a master of incense-making, Yujiro Kito, originated Japan’s first perfumed incense, “Hana-no-Hana” -- a fusion of Western perfumery and Eastern incense-making. For more than a hundred years after its birth, Nippon Kodo has continued to make this beloved floral incense. Many people continue to adore the deep and brilliant floral fragrance of Hana-no-Hana to this day. Now Hana-no-Hana has gone through a transformation while preserving the original fusion of fragrance of the Western and the Eastern cultures. We hope that you enjoy the renewed Hana-no-Hana.

Made in Japan Material: tab powder ・Perfume essence Product tag: None