Pearl Easy Ice Shaver Coarse/Fine Blue Hawaii

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Make kakegori at home! Adjust the height of the unit to make everything from from fluffy ice to crispy coarse ice to your liking. As the handle turns, the blade turns, so ice can be evenly piled up in the bowl. About product size and specifications _ Product size (mm): 245 _ 220 _ 295 _ Weight (g): 772 _ Material: (Main body / lid) Polystyrene (heat resistance 70 degrees, cold resistance -20 degrees), (rotary plate / adjustment plate unit lever / leg / Rotating handle) ABS resin (heat resistant 70 degrees, cold resistant -20 degrees), (ice retainer) polyacetal (heat resistant 100 degrees, cold resistant -20 degrees), (ice retainer handle, side cap, handle cap) polypropylene (heat resistant 100 degrees, Cold resistance -20 degrees), (Ice making cup) Polyethylene (Heat resistance 70 degrees, Cold resistance -20 degrees), (Other materials) (Shaving blades, springs, spikes) Stainless steel Made in Japan