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  • Pearl Life Warakuan Stainless Steel Shabu-Shabu Pot 26 cm

    Shabu-shabu at home! see more

    Low Stock

    Shabu-shabu at home!

    Gas stoves only.

    Not compatible with IH, Oven or Microwaves/

    Size: Width 33.5 x Depth 26 x Height 11.5 cm

    Material: Stainless steel (Chrome 16%) (Bottom thickness 0.7 mm)

    Dimensions: 26cm

    Full capacity: 2.2L

    Country of Origin: Japan

    We use Australia Post for most of our deliveries.

    Expected delivery times after dispatch from Melbourne.
    Standard Delivery:
    4-8 business days depending on destination.
    Express: 1-4 business days depending on destination.

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