Pearl Life Frying pan 26cm

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[New in 2019] [New in 2019] There are 26cm and 28cm iron frying pans that can be cooked in high heat at once. Lightweight with spin processing that gradually thins towards the edge! Rust resistant to nitriding Nitriding treatment: Nitriding treatment used to prevent rust on aircraft and automobile parts is adopted. It is less rusting and more resistant to friction. Strengthened by cross-cutting Compatible with all heat sources A country of origin: Japan Please note: Do not use a dishwasher or dishwasher Frying pan 26cm HB-4287 Item Size :(About )Full Length 46x Width 26x Height 13.5cm /size : 26cm /weight : About 8 80g Frying pan 28cm HB-4288 Item Size :(About )Full Length 48x Width 28x Height 13.5cm /size : 28cm /weight : About 980g Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Material ・material :Main Unit /Iron (Nitriding Treatment) Handle /Natural Wood