Pearl Life Diatomaceous Draining Plate 335x 210 White

Quick-drying with a diatomaceous earth plate Excellent water absorption, smooth and quick-drying, easy to clean What is diatomaceous earth? It is a deposit (sedimentary rock) consisting of fossil shells of dead diatoms that settle on the bottom of waters such as Cretaceous seas and lakes. Due to its porosity, it is an excellent natural material that also has filtration, heat retention, moisture absorption, and deodorant effects. Since diatomaceous earth has numerous fine holes, it is very light and can absorb a large amount of water. In addition, due to the nature of independent breathing, when the absorbed water reaches a certain amount, it is naturally released as water vapor. As a result, the surface is always smooth even if it is not dried, and it can be used comfortably every day. Even if you are using it for a long time, the water absorption capacity can be restored by thinly scraping the surface with a commercially available sandpaper (about 400). Item Size :(About )Vertical 33.5 x Width 21x Thickness 0.8cm Item weight :(About )700g