Victory Porcelain Sake Warmer Cup Set


Made in Japan, Minoware 


TOKURI x 1/ DIA. 6x 10.2cm

Cup x 2/ DIA. 7x 4.6cm



: TOKURI x 1/ DIA. 7.3x 12.2 cm
cup x 2/ DIA. 5.8x 3.8cm

■ Characteristics of the vessel include color unevenness, intrusion, glaze dripping, glaze accumulation, iron powder due to the use of soil that is the raw material for pottery, shading, wrinkles, faintness, and misalignment of the pattern of products painted on copper plate. , The way the glaze and Kuresu are burned, the way they flow, and the color development may change due to the change in the kiln.

■ Since pottery is absorbent, if you leave the tableware soaked in dirty water after use, it may cause mold and stains, so wash it well and dry it before storing it.