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    Restfolk FACE Towel Gauze Pile

    ● Made in Japan Imabari towels  see more


    ● Made in Japan Imabari towels 

    ● Imabari towels are produced in abundant high-quality water suitable for bleaching and dyeing, with extremely low heavy metals and low hardness components. By bleaching with this soft water, the fibers have a gentle finish. Produces a delicate and soft texture. You must pass a rigorous test to be certified as an Imabari towel.

    The most important feature of Imabari towels is "water absorption". As a towel that absorbs water from the beginning without washing, a piece of towel is floated on water, and a water absorption test is conducted twice, "unwashed" and "washed 3 times" to see if it sinks within 5 seconds. Immediate sinking means absorbing water quickly. In addition, it has cleared many certification standards such as fluff removal, discoloration test and durability test. To ensure safe and secure quality, only those who have passed our own certification standards can use the brand mark.

    The quality of Imabari towels is maintained by adding the technology and effort cultivated over many years to each process of towel manufacturing.

    We use Australia Post for most of our deliveries.

    Expected delivery times after dispatch from Melbourne.
    Standard Delivery:
    4-8 business days depending on destination.
    Express: 1-4 business days depending on destination.

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