Restfolk Work Gloves Purple

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[RESTFOLK is a brand with the concept of "enjoying the present". It is a Made in Japan product that is particular about quality that allows you to make the most of your individuality by expressing your personality, regardless of the purpose. ] A glove that uses eight fine pure cotton threads to increase strength and density. I made supple and durable gloves. Gloves made of 100% cotton have excellent water absorption and hygroscopicity, and also have heat retention. It is a material that is easy on the hands. In addition, the wrist part is ribbed without using rubber threads to reduce tightening, so you can use it for a long time without getting tired and you can put it on and take it off smoothly. Dense gloves are hard to get soil in gardening and you can work comfortably without getting your hands dirty, and in DIY and other work, you can protect your hands because they are strong and do not use chemical fibers. You can also use it outdoors where you use fire. Besides, it is a work glove made in Japan that is active in various places such as trekking. [Garden] [Gardening] [Made in Japan] [New life] Ladies Free ( L27cm )