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    Rohto Vita Flash Eye Wash 500ml

    Easily wash your eyes after removing contact lenses in one quick motion. See more

    Easily wash your eyes after removing contact lenses in one quick motion.


    • Suction fit and no spills! Soft material cup fits gently around the eyes
    • Convection cleaning to scrape out dirt! The convection effect that occurs when you pinch your eyes cleanly cleans
    • No added preservatives
    • Relieve and nourish your eyes:
      • Vitamin E
      • Vitamin B6
      • Taurine
      • Potassium L-aspartate
    • Helpful for washing eyes to help prevent eye diseases (after swimming, when dust or sweat gets into eyes, etc.)


    • Vitamin B6 0.01%
    • d-α-Tocopherol acetate (natural vitamin E) 0.005%
    • Taurine 0.02%
    • Potassium L-aspartate 0.1%
    • Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate 0.025%
    • Sodium chondroitin sulfate 0.04%
    • Additives include boric acid, borax, L-menthol, dL-camphor, eucalyptus oil, bergamot oil, sodium edetate, polysorbate 80, and a pH adjuster.

    Dosage and dosage

    Wash your eyes with the attached eye cup 3-6 times a day, using 5mL.

    How to use:

    Please use after wiping off dirt and makeup around the eyes.

    1. Pour 5 mL of this agent into the eyecup (up to the line inside the cup).
    2. Face downwards and press the cup against one eye. By pinching the bottom of the cup (below the indentation) several times, the cup will create a suction for optimal fit and minimise spilliage.
    3. Wash: Keep fit and blink a few times.
    4. Repeat with the other eye
    5. Clean the cup thoroughly after use.

    Use guidelines:

    • When washing your eyes upwards, face upwards to prevent the liquid from spilling and blink several times.
    • Do not wash your eyes for too long (more than 10 seconds).
    • Do not use this product after washing one eye on the other eye.
    • We recommend wiping off any remaining water in the cup with a clean tissue or letting it dry naturally.

    Precautions regarding usage and dosage:

    • Strictly follow the usage and dosage.
    • Do not use while wearing contact lenses. Also, when putting contact lens back on, wait 10 to 15 minutes after washing your eyes.
    • Wash the eyecup thoroughly with tap water before and after use.
    • Use only for washing eyes.
    • Do not use for a long period of time.

    Points to consult on usage

    1. The following people should consult a doctor before use.

    (1) Persons receiving medical treatment from a doctor

    (2) Persons who have had allergic symptoms due to drugs, etc.

    (3) People with the following symptoms: severe eye pain

    (4) People diagnosed with: dry eye syndrome (dry eye)

    2. If the following symptoms appear after use, please stop using this product immediately.

    Affected area…Symptoms

    Skin: Rash/redness, itching

    Eyes: Hyperemia, itching, swelling

    If you feel any other abnormality in your eyes

    Precautions for storage and handling

    (1) Keep tightly sealed in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

    (2) Keep out of reach of children.

    (3) Do not share the eyecup with others.

    (4) Do not use the product after the expiration date (listed on the outer box/container). Even if it is within the expiration date, please use it as soon as possible after opening it.

    (5) Depending on the storage conditions, crystals of ingredients may adhere around the mouth of the container. In that case, please wipe off lightly with clean gauze before use.

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