SAKURA Triangle 8 Colors

【8 colors】 Yellow cards ・ Daichiro ・ Aka ・ Momoroshi ・ Murasaki ・ Mizuiro ・ Midori ・ Ao 【Case】 Hooked with soft case 【Specification】 Triangular thick Cupie Pencil 【Target age】 2 ~ 3 year old 【weight】 115g Triangle The thick form of the first use Cupie Pencil. Children 2-3 years old can use it for painting and drawing at home and nurseries. Easy to draw infants can draw pleasantly, is easy to use with the right way to hold. It is hard to break and you can draw plenty to the end. The main body ・ painted surface is not sticky, the hand is a material hard to get dirty. Since it comes with a soft case with a hook, it can be easily opened and closed even with less than 3 children. Color Idea, Da Mouth, Aka, Momoiro, Murasaki, Mizuiro, Midori, Ao