Kai SEKI MAGOROKU Diamond Sera Double Edge Sharpener

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* This item is a double-edged product. Three types of whetstones with different properties are attached to one, and by using these in order, you can easily restore the sharpness of a kitchen knife that has become less sharp. ― 3STEP for grinding: STEP1. Use a coarse diamond whetstone with high grinding ability to scrape off the worn edge. STEP2. Use a ceramic whetstone and make the cutting edge thinner to improve sharpness. STEP3. Use a fine ceramic whetstone to finish and smooth the tip of the blade. body size :141x 51x 55mm Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: material :Main Unit /ABS resin (Heatproof temperature 80 degrees )Transparent cover /AS resin ABS resin Elastomer resin Grindstone /Diamond grinding wheel ceramic Grindstone Package: Blister package