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    Shimoyama Diatomite Wave Bath Mat L

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    Watch the moisture instantly disappear from under your feet!  Crafted from diatomite, a natura... See more

    Watch the moisture instantly disappear from under your feet!  Crafted from diatomite, a natural material, this mat features a unique wavy texture that not only enhances its surface area for optimal water absorption but also diverts water away effectively.

    Product Details:

    • Material: Diatomite (Asbestos-Free)
    • Size: 60 x 39 x 0.9cm

    Key Features:

    1. Instant Drying: Diatomaceous earth, a natural material, instantly dries when exposed to moisture. Step on this bath mat, and enjoy dry feet immediately, eliminating the need for constant washing or laundering.

    2. Mold-Resistant and Deodorizing: Diatomaceous earth's humidity control properties prevent mold and bacteria growth. This ensures your mat stays fresh and clean while providing a natural deodorizing effect.

    Maintenance and Care Instructions:

    • If the surface feels powdery, wipe it with a wet towel before use.
    • For water stains, simply rinse the mat under running water and let it air dry.
    • After washing, ensure the mat is completely dry before using it again.
    • Stubborn stains can be gently removed with a damp cloth. For tougher stains, use fine-grit sandpaper (No. 300-400) to restore water absorbency.
    • Avoid using soap or detergent, as they can lead to stains, reduced water absorbency, and mold formation.
    • Regularly dry the mat in a well-ventilated, shaded area, approximately twice a week in summer and three times a week in winter.
    • After each use, thoroughly dry the mat before storing it upright.

    Crafted from fossil soil, this diatomite pad excels at absorbing and releasing moisture, making it an excellent choice for your bathroom.

    Please note that diatomite undergoes a specialised manufacturing process, which may result in slight variations in texture, color, and surface evenness. Additionally, minor specks or bubbles may be present within the material. These characteristics are not defects but rather natural outcomes of the crafting process.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Instantly absorbs water when you step out of the shower onto the mat. So hygienic.

    Sonia Siamos
    Great mat

    This mat is great. Absorbs water really well and no more scrunched up bath mat!

    florence Yuen
    Bath mat

    Size just fit my small bathroom & very absorbent

    David Cheng
    Perfect bath mat

    The wave pattern looks very stylish and it also makes it a bit nicer to step on. Very absorbent and quick-drying diatomite bath mat.

    Exactly what I wanted

    Does exactly what it says it will! Only wish I had seen that it was available in the larger size