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    For washing and storage! Stainless steel hook 
    A stainless steel hook that is convenient for storing bath equipment. 
    In addition, it is useful in a wide range of scenes such as food-related storage and DIY materials. 
    Various uses! The width of storage expands depending on the device 
    Made of stainless steel that can be used around water without problems, it can be stored smartly depending on how it is used and ingenuity. 
    If you are interested in hook storage, please try it once. 
    High cost performance that can only be achieved by a manufacturer 
    We pursued only the functions required for hooks without incorporating extra decoration or design. 
    We offer easy-to-use, sturdy stainless steel hooks at an affordable price. 


    Material - 304 Stainless Steel

    We use Australia Post for most of our deliveries.

    Expected delivery times after dispatch from Melbourne.
    Standard Delivery:
    4-8 business days depending on destination.
    Express: 1-4 business days depending on destination.

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