Shimoyama Medium Toy Storage Box

1. A block-shaped toy box that makes children happy ♪ A toy box for children with the image of a block that catches the eyes of children at a glance. It has a handle and a buckle for fixing the lid so that even small children can handle it. 2. Abundant color variations and high functionality We have prepared four colors so that you can classify the contents according to the color of the lid. The bottom and lid are designed to fit, so you can stack them with confidence. 3. 3. Price unique to the manufacturer! For those who value cost performance A convenient storage box that combines high functionality with excellent design at an affordable price. There are M and S sizes, so you can use them according to the size of your room or toys. Outer Size : About W30.5 (bottom )・36.5 (Upper Part ) x D21 (bottom )・24.6(Upper Part ) x H16.5cm