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  • Shimoyama Round Lingerie Laundry Bag

    Shimoyama Round Lingerie Laundry Bag - Keep Your Delicates Intact See more

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    Shimoyama Round Lingerie Laundry Bag - Keep Your Delicates Intact


    • Unique Design: This ball-shaped bra wash bag is designed to protect your delicate lingerie from hooking onto other clothes and prevents tangling during the wash.
    • Compact and Foldable: The bag measures 13x23cm when folded, offering a space-saving solution for your laundry routine.
    • Fixed Cup Design: The fixed cup inside the bag ensures that your bras maintain their shape and structure throughout the washing process.
    • Secure Mesh: The bag features a mesh construction that holds your lingerie securely in place while allowing water and detergent to flow through.
    • Double Elastic Mesh Cloth: The use of double elastic mesh cloth provides extra durability and protection for your delicate items.
    • Rust-Free Zipper: The plastic zipper head is rust-free, ensuring smooth and hassle-free opening and closing.


    • Product: Shimoyama Round Lingerie Laundry Bag
    • Shape: Ball-shaped
    • Dimensions (Folded): 13x23cm

    Safeguard your lingerie and ensure they stay in perfect condition with the Shimoyama Round Lingerie Laundry Bag. This innovative solution provides gentle care for your delicates while simplifying your laundry routine.