Shun Four Seasons Colour Change Glass 325ml 4P

Marumo Takagi Cold feeling Cooling transfer is specially processed to react with liquids below about 17 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when you pour a cold liquid such as champagne or sake, it will have an overwhelming effect. Not only do you stick to the design that emerges when you add water, After that, the design is not always there, but with a view to ephemeral scattering. There is no doubt that you will be pleased whether you use it as a gift or by yourself. When you pour a cold drink, colorful fireworks will appear. When the temperature of the glass drops below 17 ° C, it changes, and when it reaches room temperature, it returns to its original state. You can enjoy it over and over again. The Japanese four seasons free glass lineup introduced this time is an excellent one with all the popular cold feeling series from one set. We are particular about the dressing box and have a luxurious finish. 62x 103 x 62 325 cc 4 Pcs Country of manufacture: Japan