Skater Donburi Vacuum Food Flask 550ml

A cute bowl-shaped heat and cold lunch jar! For cold noodles, curry with little soup, ankake dishes, and hot bowls! The medium container that can separate rice and ingredients has packing to prevent soup from leaking! It's delicious even if you put it on rice just before eating! A vacuum double-structured lunch box with excellent heat retention. Somen lunch recipe included. * Do not put liquid soup directly into the container. There is a risk of leakage. It is convenient to use a pouch-sized noodle soup that is convenient to carry. * Only the plastic inner container can be microwaved. Never use the main unit in a microwave oven. Heat retention effect: 51 degrees or more (6 hours) Cold insulation effect: 13 degrees or less (6 hours) Material: Medium container ・Middle lid : polypropylene ( Heatproof temperature 140 degrees ) Packing : Silicon Rubber ( Heatproof temperature 140 degrees ) bottom panel : Thermoplastic elastomer ( Heatproof temperature 70 degrees ) Main Unit ・Lid : Stainless ( Acrylic resin paint ) Stopper : Stainless Size : Width 116x Height 120mm 総capacity : 550ml ( Medium container : 230ml ・Main Unit 320 ml) Weight : 415g

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