Skater Hello Kitty Pink Training Chopsticks w/ Case

Training chopsticks that allow you to practice how to hold chopsticks in 3 easy steps with your favorite characters!

Learn how to use chopsticks properly in 3 easy steps!

1. Use the three finger rings to learn how to hold chopsticks correctly.

2. Remove two finger rings to train and using one to help guide and train your fingers.

3. Remove all the rings and master how to use chopsticks! Perfect to use to teach children how to use chopsticks properly and practcally from the very beginning.

Finger rings made using soft silicone.

Chopstick tips are squared with a non-slip finish.

Not dishwasher safe

Material: ABS (BPA Free), Silicone

Suitable for right handed use only.

Size:Chopstck Length: 14cm