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  • Sun - Antibacterial Hexagon Chopstick Winter Set

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    Elevate your dining experience with the Sun Antibacterial Hexagon Chopstick Winter Set. Expertly designed for both durability and functionality, these chopsticks can withstand temperatures up to 220°C, making them perfect for professional use. The unique hexagonal shape ensures a comfortable grip, while the non-slip tips provide precision and ease during every meal. Dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning, these chopsticks are a blend of Japanese craftsmanship and modern practicality.


    • Heat-resistant up to 220°C, ideal for various cooking and dining scenarios.
    • Easy-to-hold hexagonal design for a comfortable and secure grip.
    • Non-slip tips enhance precision and control.
    • Dishwasher-safe for easy and efficient cleaning.
    • Antibacterial properties ensure hygiene and safety.


    • Length: 23cm.
    • Material: PBT resin.
    • Country of Manufacture: Japan

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