Sun Mix Favourite Preference Chopsticks 22.5cm

Product features 〇Safe and secure made in Japan. 〇 It is a set series with various usages such as using it with your family and using it for customers. 〇Please find your favorite chopsticks! It is a set of 5 sets of triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon. 〇 It is a dishwasher compatible product for home use. Product size Chopsticks to find your favorite shape: 22.5cm Quality display Wood: Natural wood Coating: Polyester urethane Precautions for use ● Do not soak in water for a long time. ● Please avoid using it for any purpose other than its intended purpose. ● Do not use alkaline or chlorine-based detergents or let them come into contact with citrus fruits. It may cause discoloration or damage. ● The chopsticks have a tapered tip, so keep them out of the reach of children to prevent accidents. ● If the chopsticks are cracked or damaged, replace them as soon as possible. ● Please avoid using it for commercial dishwashing. ● The product image is taken to be as similar as the actual product, but the color may be slightly different. remarks Made in Japan